Who we are

A group of young Toronto professionals

BYTES X BREWS is a group of diverse yet likeminded people, predominantly active in Toronto's tech scene, who founded a nonprofit community which aims to bring together people with a love for craft beer and a passion for innovation.

Rethinking business networking

BYTES X BREWS aims to make Business Networking personal and enjoyable. We don't organize massive events where you'll exchange numerous business cards, but comfortable sessions where you can learn from leaders, and bond with people with similar interests.

And you can share some of the best Craft Beer at the same time!

Meet the team

Jasper De Man

Founder & Community Builder

Jasper started his career at Microsoft Belgium, taking on diverse sales and marketing roles. Currently, he's the Channel Partner Lead for Jasper Studios (no, that's not his company) while he also oversees operations of BYTES X BREWS.

His favourite beer in the world is Tongerlo Prior, and he's passionate about how Machine Learning is helping people connect the dots.

Carlos Coelho

Chair of the Board

Carlos' work is at the intersection of business and technology, using hardware, software and services to develop solutions and strategies that help businesses through their digital transformation. In his spare time, Carlos enjoys live music, photography, mentoring, and exploring the outdoors.

He prefers to drink a Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing, when he immerses himself in Biomimetics.

Julie Mitchell

Secretary of the Board

The Manager of Special Experiences at the national headquarters of Girl Guides of Canada, Julie is an experienced program and event director, people manager, and a big fan of good beer and great conversation.

She loves all hoppy beers, and is interested in any kind of innovation that can get food into her mouth faster!

LeBaron David LeBlanc

Director on the Board

LeBaron has over 10 years experience working in the ICT Industry in Canada, and is currently a Channel Marketing Manager at Microsoft Canada. A specialist in Cloud Computing, he has helped many organizations be successful in not only adapting new technologies, but thriving with new business models.

He is passionate about Renewable Energy technology, and prefers to spend his time at the cottage enjoying a Muskoka Brewery Detour.

Adam Smith

Director on the Board

Adam is a Doctor of Law and an Associate Attorney at PwC Law LLP, specialized in Immigration Law. When he's not in Toronto, you'll find him in Kitchener, home of the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany, or in Austin, a US craft beer metropolis.

Adam's favourite beer is the sour Coriolis Effect by Sawdust City Brewing Co. and he's excited about self-driving and AI-powered cars being developed.

Akira Jones

Director on the Board

Akira is an experienced Engineer and Project Manager at H.H. Angus & Associates, one of Canada's largest private engineering firms. A Queen's University alumnus, he's a specialist in Building Information Modeling, who enjoys the outdoors ad good times with friends to share a beer with.

He enjoys his beers unfiltered, like the Muskoka Brewery Summerweiss.

Kristiana Vangelova

Student Ambassador

Currently on her way to an MBA from Schulich School of Business, Kristiana already has years of experience, working with some of the world's biggest companies like Microsoft and Deloitte. She is the liaison for student volunteers who provide a helping hand during BYTES X BREWS Sessions.

While she's enjoying a Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Kristiana is learning everything about smart houses, wearables, and drones.


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